The Huntington Crescent Club is a private, member-owned, family oriented country club located on Long Island's beautiful North Shore.  Huntington Crescent Club Members enjoy a premier 18-hole golf course spread over 175 acres of lush greenerery; 15 tennis courts, seven of which are highly-prized grass courts, eight clay courts, and four Pickleball courts; and a gorgeous heated pool facility equipped with full bar and snack bar on site.  Additionally, we take great pride in our high quality dining in our newly renovated Clubhouse.
Originally known as the Crescent Athletic Club, Huntington Crescent Club has a long and honorable history.  It began with a desire to form a social and athletic club which eventually evolved into the premier golf and social family club we enjoy today.  The 13 college athletes who founded the Crescent Athletic Club in 1884 were primarily interested in football, although that quickly expanded to include lacrosse, hockey, aquatic sports, and baseball.  In 1896, a nine-hole golf course was built adjacent to the anchorage off of Bay Ridge, on the east cliff of the Narrows overlooking New York Bay.  This course was later expanded to 18-holes in 1899.  Even then, the property was the target of developers, and the Club ultimately sold the course property in 1918.

In 1930, our forefathers, searching to expand the Club's footprint with the addition of a country home, purchased several estates in Huntington.  The prestegious Clubhouse was the former Rainey Estate, with 300 acres of rolling woodland, a beautiful pool, and formal gardens.  The frontage on Huntington Bay was secured by the purchase of one of the other aforementioned estates.  Plans originally consisted of 24 tennis courts, fields for soccer, cricket, baseball, lacrosse, polo, a toboggan slide, a yachting anchorage, and cabanas at the beach, but were eventually stifled by financial challenges, and eventually bankruptcy in 1939.
The architectural firm of Emmet, Emmet and Tull was retained in 1930.  This team designed two 18-hole golf courses; the shorter East Course opened on July 4, 1931, with the stronger West Course following the next spring.
The 1930s and 1940s were, as noted above, financially difficult years.  The beach property was lost, as was a good portion of the remaining property including the West Course, which was all but destroyed.  Only 10 holes remained of the original East Course, as the property was redesigned by yet another famed golf course architect, Perry Maxwell.  What we find today is a gorgeous parkland setting, featuring numerous swales, gullies, and elevated tees and greens.  Some of the greens are fiercely bunkered, while others are relatively unprotected.

Today’s descendants of our Crescent Club enjoy a variety of facilities and a newly renovated Clubhouse, which stands where the estate mansion once stood, as a reminder of the founders grandiose plans.

The Huntington Crescent Club is a place for families, and we strive to not only include children's activities, but to ensure that their time spent here becomes an integral part of family tradition.  There are children's programs in golf, racquets, and swim, as well as annual events tailored to the imagination of the littlest among us.